addressable interface for 2 conventional circuits (ZP752-2)


Ziton Sounder Driver Unit (ZP752-2)

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Two conventional alarm circuits

Ziton ZP752-2 is a loop wired interface providing two conventional alarm circuits. It can be programmed to operate from a single address, a group or zone of devices or as a common output, from any trigger device connected to the system. Power for the alarm circuits is supplied either from an external power supply unit, or directly from the panels 24 volt dc supply (via separate wiring). The ZP752-2 monitors its power supply and failure of mains, battery or loss of the 24 volt DC output is reported to the main control panel automatically. On operation both sounder circuits are simultaneously activated. The two are linked and cannot be initiated independently. A red LED indicator is illuminated, on the front of the unit to confirm operation.

Fully monitored for open and short circuit faults

Any number of ZP752-2 units (up to a max of 127) can be connected to the ZP loop. In systems complying with the recommendations of BS 5839 Pt1, where sounder response to the operation of a manual callpoint must be within 3 seconds, up to 16 ZP752-2 output units, assigned to the first 16 addresses on each loop can be operated within the time period. Sounders must be polarised, as wiring is monitored for open and short circuit faults by means of end of line resistors. Faults are automatically reported to the control panel, together with the location of the ZP752-2 interface. An amber LED indicator on the front of the moulding is also illuminated by the fault condition.

First and second fix installation

Designed for first and second fix installation, the unit comprises an open backbox containing all wiring terminals, together with a front plate enclosure of high impact plastic, housing all electronics, printed circuit boards and selection switches. The two parts simply plug together prior to system completion. All loop devices incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique address, which is polled by the panel every two seconds

Brand Ziton
Product Code 01/072

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