Why our online Ziton ZP3 Training is so popular!
    I have been carrying out Ziton ZP3 training for over 10 years and I must admit that I was always very resistant to offering online training. I always thought that you could not beat being there in-person with hands on experience on the panels. Also,...
    Good News! Ziton Radio products back in stock!
    After more than a year being off the production line, Ziton radio products are at last back in stock. It is a slow process but most items are now available. Please ask me for a quotation if you would like to order the radio products.
    New Ziton ZP3 Panels: Software Version 4
    Ziton have now introduced the new software version 4 for their ZP3 range of panels.
    .The latest information is that MCPs are going to start to be rolled out end of July for existing orders, and early September for new orders. This is only an estimate though.