Why our online Ziton ZP3 Training is so popular!

    Why our online Ziton ZP3 Training is so popular!

    Since introducing our online Ziton ZP3 Training it is now the most preferred option. So why is it so popular and is it as good as in-person?

    I have been carrying out Ziton ZP3 training for over 10 years and I must admit that I was always very resistant to offering online training. I always thought that you could not beat being there in-person with hands on experience on the panels. Also, before video conferencing platforms such as ZOOM and Google Meet, there was not many options and I felt that Skype was too clunky.

    Covid changed everything!

    But of course then Covid hit and the world changed overnight. Our business was greatly affected, as of most, and I was forced to consider going online for the training.

    It was not easy at first as I had never done anything like this and the training model had to be modified. I also used a few dodgy conference platforms before biting the bullet and signing up to ZOOM.  I also now have a couple of cameras that I can easily switch between, as well as a couple of microphones and a lighting rig. Not exactly Hollywood style but appropriate for the training. ZOOM is an excellent platform and very easy to use

    To answer the question of whether online training is as good as in-person, the simple answer is yes, and in many ways it is better!

    In a weird way online training feels more personal. I am interacting with everyone at once on the screen right in front of me and vice versa. In a training room it can feel less personal as it is more spaced out and have barriers between us such as desks.

    Also, a benefit is that engineers can be on the training either together at their office, or even from the comfort of their own homes. Of course, I do not have to travel so the training cost is reduced.

    I am now global!

    Being online it has enable me to open up the training to the whole of the UK as well as globally.

    The only downside is that engineers are not able to have the hands-on experience that they get with my exercises when in-person. But my online training does offer more pluses than minuses. An example is that I am able to screen share when going through the planner software which is a much better experience for the engineers as it is right in front of them.

    There is no right or wrong as both online and in-person training will suit different companies needs.

    But, at Fire4u we will keep on evolving with the focus of giving you the best Ziton ZP3 training that we can.

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