FE230 Standard Door Magnet


FE230 Standard Door Magnet

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The FE230 is a surface mount door holder, in a Bayblend housing, which offers a 400N holding force and a release button. Cable entry is possible from the back or from the sides, and the release button can be located at the top, or one of the sides.

Magnet construction

The magnet is constructed with a pressed coil and anti-remenance pin, giving it a protection of IP54. The protection diodes are integrated into this construction.


The plastic housing is manufactured from Bayblend and contains 30% PA6 glass fiber, which makes it much stronger than standard ABS. Bayblend offers high heat resistance, high impact and notched impact strength, and high stiffness and dimensional stability.

Installer friendly

  • For practical ease of installation, the door holder comes complete with electrical screw terminals.
  • The housing is predrilled in a practical, standard format for rapid mounting.
  • The door holder is supplied complete with a keeper plate, which offer angular adjustment.
  • The release button can be position in three different locations: top, left or right.
  • Cable entry can be done in four different locations: back, top, left or right.


The FE230 is fully approved according to EN1155.

MPN 06/008
Brand Ziton
Product Code 06/008

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