Ziton Class A network loop card (ZP3AB-NLM2)


Ziton Class A network loop card (ZP3AB-NLM2)

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Secure loop networking

Ziton ZP3AB-NLM network loop module enables individual ZP3 control panels to be connected in a peer to peer, secure loop network.

If there is an open or short circuit present on the network wiring, the NLMs determine where the fault lies, isolate the faulty section of wiring and maintain full loop integrity.

Total cable length, throughout the network can be up to a maximum of two kilometers and may be extended by setting designated NLM modules as booster units (contact Ziton technical support department for full details).

Communication between loop modules operates by RS 485 protocol, over screened, twisted pair wiring.

Unique loop address

NLM modules connect to ZP3 control panels via a ZP3AB-NET card and are designed to fit onto an auxiliary chassis inside each control panel or auxiliary equipment cabinet.

Each ZP3 control panel is connected to the loop network through a NLM module, all modules incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique loop address. An output fault signal is provided by a volt free, changeover relay, with contact rated at 1A at 30Vdc/30Vac.

Diagnostic and system indication

In each network loop, one module must be set to address one and designated as the master, which manages the healing sequence and monitors loop integrity. All other modules are connected to the network loop in slave mode.

In slave mode modules can operate in Boost - serving as an interconnection between panels at distances over 1000 metres, Healing - establishing the condition of the loop and isolating sections if necessary, Recovered - normal condition after a section isolation and Diagnostic - system interrogation to establish the location of a break in the loop wiring.

In addition to indication of data being transmitted and received from each port, LED indicators are also provided for System OK, Loop Fault, Loop Open and Data Error

Brand Ziton
Product Code 01/007

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