Ziton detector base ZP7-SB1-P - standard


Ziton detector base ZP7-SB1-P - is a POLAR WHITE, standard surface mount base compatible with the Z700 series detectors.

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 The Ziton detector base ZP7-SB1-P is a polar white standard ceiling mount base for the Z700 Ziton range of detectors.

Ziton detector base ZP7-SB1-P

Equipped with a red led that acts as a visual indicator, this standard base is compatible with all the Ziton addressable detectors.  This includes Ziton smoke detectors (ZP730), Ziton multisensors (ZX832), and Ziton heat detectors (ZP720)

Doe it have a built in isolator unit?

No.  You need to purchase a Ziton Isolator Base (ZP7-IB-P)

Does it have a built in sounder?

No. Look at the ZP755 range of base sounders.
MPN 01/1011
Brand Ziton
Product Code 01/1011

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