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    Stylish design

    The Ziton call point range is of stylish design, providing a manual means of initiating a fire alarm on ZC conventional systems.

    Complying with EN 54 Part 11, this call point is suitable for installations meeting the recommendations of many local codes (e.g. BS 5839 Part 1). The callpoint is approved by several international approval bodies, including the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

    The unit is operated either by pressing a resettable element (EN54 Part 11) or by breaking a frangible glass with finger pressure. Glass elements have clear vinyl coatings on the front surface to prevent operator injury and to inhibit the release of loose fragments as the glass is broken. Both operating elements are easily interchangeable.

    Plug in terminals

    Installed as part of a ZC conventional system, up to 32 devices (call points or sensors) can be connected to each of the control panel zones.

    These callpoints are designed for semi recessed fixing, using a standard single gang socket box, or can be surface mounted by means of a Z-CPSB-1 matching plastic back box.

    Push in terminals enable the device to be plugged directly into the detector zone wiring, making replacement simple and reducing internal cable ends to a minimum.

    System testing, glass replacement and reset are carried out by using a special maintenance tool enabling part of the front moulding including the glass, to be lowered, allowing the device to operate.

    Rugged plastic moulding

    Rated at IP24 the call point moulding is constructed of ABS plastic and intended for indoor applications.

    For locations where malicious operation, or accidental impact from flying objects may occur (for example sports halls), operation can be restricted by the addition of a clear, polycarbonate, front cover, which can be further protected by a cover seal. In use the seal must be broken, prior to raising the front cover.


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