Frequently Asked Questions

    Q - Are the Ziton ZP720 Heat detectors compatible with my ZP3 panel?

    A - The ZP720-3P heat detectors are only compatible with Ziton ZP3 panels that are software version 3.  (Click here to view video on how to find out the software version)

    If you have a panel that is a software version 2 (e.g. 2.09) then the simplest solution would be to purchase a ZX832 Multisensor and program it to a heat only setting.  This is easy to do as shown in this video - click here

    If you have a ZP3 panel that is software version 1 (e.g. 1.32) then you need to replace the panel with a new one as they are obsolete and unsupported.

    Q - How do I disable the sounders and relays to carry out a periodic inspection on a Ziton ZP3 panel?

    A - The best method is to disable all the programmed outputs: 
    Enter the menu and press 2 for maintenance (default code is 2000 and enter)
    Press number 1 for edit disabled
    Press number 4 for outputs
    Press the arrow up key and press enter
    Press F1 to toggle to disabled and press enter (This will now take you to the next output)
    Keep repeating the last step until you get back round to the first output you disabled
    Press the Home key on the keypad (symbol looks like a house!)
    Also make sure that the relays and conventional sounder circuits inside the panel are not being used
    To enable, follow steps again, but press F1 and enter to Enable this time.

    Q - How do you change the settings/profile of a ZIton ZX832 Multisensor device?

    A - Enter the menu and press 3 for Setup (default code is 2000 and enter)
    Press number 5 for Paradigm
    Press number 2 for edit, followed by number 1 for Profile of Points
    Type in device address (first number is the loop, followed by 3 digit address)
    Press enter, then scroll up or down to get to the profile you want 
    Press enter then the Home button (symbol looks like a house)

    Q - What is the default code on a ZP3 panel

    A - The default code on a ZP3 panel is 2000.  If the code has been changed it is possible to reset to default, but you will need to give us a call on 0345 548 7025 or email at to discuss.

    Q - How do I add a device onto a zone, or remove a device from a zone on a Ziton ZP3 panel?

    A - Follow these steps to add or remove a device on a Ziton ZP3 panel:


    Q - Is the Ziton ZP3 panel a newer version of the Ziton ZP2 panel?

    A - The simple answer is NO.  The ZP3 superseded the popular Ziton ZP5 panel in the 1990's.  The Ziton ZP2 panel was introduced by UTC  roughly about a decade ago.

    The Ziton ZP3 Fire panels and the Ziton ZP2 fire panels share the same field devices, but apart from that are completely different from each other.  The menu system, terminology and laptop software are not the same.

    The ZP2 is very competitively priced and great for small to medium installations, but the ZP3 is best for large installations.

    Ziton ZP3 training and Ziton ZP2 training can be arranged through - click here for more info.

    Q - What is the Ziton ZP3 fire alarm panel default code?

    A - The default code for a ZP3 panel is 2000.  Type in 2000 and press enter

    Older ZP3's may have the following default codes:
    1000 - operator level 1
    2000 - level 2
    3000 - engineer level 3
    4000 - advanced engineer level 4


    Q - What if the Ziton ZP3 fire panel code has been changed?  How do I change the ZP3 panel code back to default?

    A - It is possible to default the  Ziton ZP3 fire alarm panel code back to default (2000).  First of all you will need to contact us at  There is a small fee of £75 exc vat for this service.

    We would require a headed email from your end user / customer giving permission for us to default the codes on the ZP3 panel.

    We would then broker the request with UTC Ziton.  If all agreed, your engineer would need to go to the ZP3 panel on site, then call (at an arranged time) Ziton Tech to talk you through the process.

    No data is lost during the process.