Ziton Radio/Wireless Fire Alarm Products

    Ziton wireless hub and cluster system

    Ziton wireless ZR4 868Mhz (Radio) fire alarm

    Full range of Ziton wireless ZR4 868Mhz (Radio) fire alarm and detection products.  Can be used a s fully wireless system, or as a hybrid with Ziton hard-wired devices.  The ziton wireless system is used with the Ziton ZP3 and Ziton ZP2 panels.
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    Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
    Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products

    Ziton Wireless Red MCP (Manual Call Point) ZR485-3

    Ziton Wireless Multisensor ZR432-2P detector with Base (ZR401-3) - NO sounder

    Ziton ZR432-2PA - ZR400 Series Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector /w Sounder

    ZR432-2PAV Radio Dual Opt/Heat detector & Sounder Base & RED visual indicator - for 868Mhz systems only

    Ziton Wireless Multisensor ZX432-2P replacement detector head - NO sounder or base

    The ZPR868-H is a 4 loop Hub to connect wireless devices onto a Ziton system

    Ziton Protocol 868MHz (ZPR868)

    Ziton ZPR868-C is a 24VDC powered wireless cluster communicator

    The Ziton ZPR868-CM is a mains powered wireless cluster communicator - 868MHz

    Ziton Wireless Detector BASE ZR401-3P for ZX432 (868Mhz)

    The Ziton wireless VAD sounder ZRW466-3WC is a, wall mount, addressable ZP7 series combination sounder/VAD

    Ziton Wireless sounder/beacon (Wall Mount) RED with CLEAR flash (ZRW466-3C)

    Ziton wireless interface unit ZR451-3 - interfacing an input or output signal

    Ziton wireless Red Sounder ZR455-3R - works on 868Mhz

    Ziton wireless White Sounder ZR455-3W - works on 868Mhz

    The Ziton ZR4ST-3 is a portable radio survey kit for 868Mhz Technical specs Physical Size (l x w x h) 268 x 227 x 120 mm Weight 8.3 kg