Ziton Relay Unit (A50E-2)


Ziton Relay Unit ( A50E-2 )

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The Ziton relay A50E-2 is an addressable Ziton relay output device providing single pole, volt free, change over contacts.

Ziton  A50E-2 - Miniature addressable Ziton relay - For Ziton ZP3 and Ziton ZP2 Systems

It is important to note that Ziton do not supply combined  I/O units.  Only separate output units which are the Ziton A50E relays, or A45E Ziton input units.


What would you use a Ziton relay A50E for?

Low voltage switching of items such as fire door magnets, systems to shut off the use of lifts or plants in the case of fire, as well as operating air-conditioning damper systems.

If you need a mains switching ziton fire relay unit, then you need the Ziton relay A51E - mains switching

The Ziton relay A50E is intended for installation within the equipment to be switched, thereby offering savings in installation costs when compared to long, auxiliary circuit, wiring runs out from the control panel. Complying with EN54 Part 18, the relay can be located anywhere on the two core ZP loop and is designed for power up or shut down of building services, for example air conditioning plant, in fire conditions.

The Ziton relay A50e is ideal for the control of associated system equipment such as door release circuits, or the emergency shutdown of high risk services, for instance gas or oil supply valves in boiler rooms.

Ziton A50e relay - Low profile moulding

The A50e Ziton relay can be programmed to be activated by any single device, groups of devices or all system devices. All types of system input signals can be arranged to operate the A50E-2, which can include control panel indicators, zonal outputs, callpoints or sensors.

Housed in a low profile, double width moulding the interface is designed to clip directly onto a standard DIN rail fixing or be installed in a Ziton SMB-DIN100 box (one unit capacity), or a SMB-DIN200 box (two unit capacity).

Ziton A50e relay - LED indication

A red LED indicator positioned on the front of the Ziton relay A50e flashes when the interface has operated, providing clear identification of the input signal source. Installed as part of an analogue addressable system, up to 127 line devices (sensors, callpoints or interface units) can be connected to each of the control panel loops.

All loop devices incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique address, which is polled by the panel every two seconds.

MPN a50
Make Ziton
Model A50E-2
Brand Ziton
Product Code a50

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