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    Product Description

    Comprehensive Ziton ZP3 Planner Software training by ZOOM is as good, if not better than in-person. This half day training can be carried from the comfort of your home or your office! Free Planner software included.

    Training can be for up to 6 engineers using ZOOM. Participants will be able to view my computer screen as I explain and demonstrate in real time how to use the Ziton ZP3 Planner software. I will also apply face to face learning as well as necessary Powerpoint demonstrations.

    The duration of the training is roughly 3 hours.

    Ziton ZP3 Planner Software ONLINE video conference training

    Learn how to:

    • Upload/download from Ziton ZP3 panels
    • Create and edit zones
    • Input, delete or modify loop devices
    • Understanding I/O mapping (cause and effect programming)

    Price Guide (exc. vat):

    • 1 engineer = £325 + FREE Planner software
    • 2 engineers = £425 + FREE Planner software
    • 3-4 engineers = £525 + FREE Planner software
    • 5-6 engineers = £625 + FREE Planner software

    Why choose Fire4u?

    We fully understand that there are others who may claim that they can carry out the Ziton ZP3 training, but with the cost involved do you really want to gamble on their expertise?

    At Fire4u we have had over 25 years experience on ZP3 panels and have been carrying out training on them for almost 10 years.

    We have been the trusted company to carry out Ziton ZP3 training for the manufacturer themselves (UTC Ziton) for their own clients.


     Please contact Mark on 0345 548 0725 or email for available dates, book, and for more information.

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    Ziton ZP3 Planner Software Training by ZOOM

    Comprehensive Ziton ZP3 Planner Software by ZOOM from the comfort of home or your office! Free Planner software included.