ZP3 8 way relay board (ZP3AB-RL8)


Ziton ZP3 8 way relay board (ZP3AB-RL8)

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Eight programmable outputs

The ZP3AB-RL8 is one of a series of additional, auxiliary boards designed to extend the ZP3 panel standard range of input/output facilities. Boards are modular in design, and are mounted inside the ZP3 panel enclosure, by means of a ZP3-AC1 auxiliary chassis. Up to three boards can be fitted into a ZP3 panel. They may be all of a single type, or any combination from the I/O module range. The addition of auxiliary boards can increase the panel outputs to a maximum of 72 all housed within the ZP3 enclosure.

Further boards can be added to a system, accommodated in a remote control cabinet, usually located alongside the ZP3 panel. Various sized cabinets are available, designed to match the control panel enclosure. Each ZP3 panel has the ability to operate up to 896 outputs, of which 768 are programmable.

The ZP3AB-RL8 offers eight programmable relay outputs. Contacts are volt free, single pole, change over and rated at 2 Amps at 30 Vdc or 30 Vac. Power to operate modules can be provided internally from the control panel.

Individual LED indication

Each eight way relay board is allocated an address by switch settings provided on the PCB. Individual relays (within the board address) are programmed in the systems cause and effect software set up. The operation of outputs is confirmed by LED indicators positioned next to each pair of relay wiring terminals.

Cost effective option

The ZP3AB-RL8 eight way relay board is part of the range of optional facility boards which can be added, cost effectively to any ZP3 control panel, in order to provide extra facilities, that may not be a requirement of every system.

Housed within the ZP3 panel, options can simply be added during panel manufacture to meet individual specifications, or subsequently fitted on site should a particular requirement become necessary during the life of the system

MPN 01/063
Brand Ziton
Product Code 01/063

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