ZP3 serial communication board (RS232)


Ziton ZP3 serial communication board (RS232)

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Connects panel to external devices

The ZP3AB-RS232 is a serial communications interface which can be attached directly onto the ZP3 main control board, inside the panel enclosure. The board is used to connect the fire alarm panel to external devices for example a desk top printer, or to associated equipment such as graphics displays, pocket paging and building management systems.

Serial communication between the fire alarm panel and external device operates by RS 232 protocol, over a 5 wire screened connection. The ZP3AB-RS232 board is defined in the ZP3 fire alarm panel menu as Port 1 and a range of software protocols can be selected to match the requirements of the external communicating system or device.

Operates up to 50 metres

RS 232 communication is usually specified for local connection, with cable lengths no greater than 10 metres. The ZP3AB-RS232 can be operated over distances of up to 50 metres provided slower bit rates are selected from the system setup menu, during commissioning. Communication leads should be provided with standard 9 pin D type connector at the fire alarm panel and a suitable plug, either 9 pin D, or 25 pin D at the connected device.

Interface board parameters for example protocol type, baud rate and parity, are simple to configure via the communications menu, within the system software setup programme.

Cost effective options

The ZP3AB-RS232 serial communications board is part of the range of optional facility boards which can be added cost effectively to any ZP3 control panel, in order to provide extra facilities that may not be a requirement of every system.

Housed within the ZP3 panel, options can simply be added during panel manufacture to meet particular specifications, or subsequently fitted on site should a particular requirement become necessary during the life of the system

MPN 01/008
Brand Ziton
Product Code 01/008

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